How I Became a Software Engineer

How I Became a Software Engineer


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As per inspiration from Faruq Yusuff 's post about How my journey as a developer started at age 13 I got inspired him, after he got inspired from someone, to write down my current memoir so to speak.

I have chosen to do so partly to tell my story for you, but also to tell my story to myself. Reflection is important in order to gain understanding.


I had my hands on a computers from I was about 3 years old, where I almost crashed our Macintosh as I had no clue what I was doing. Quickly, though, I became more skilled with it that the rest of my family, but so far it was most about playing video games. When I was 12 years old we had to move city due to my moms work. The great luck for me was that with the new job, we had to live in an IT campus. These things were rare at that time in the late 90's, and I believe it was the first in Denmark. I was taken to several project demonstrations by the students to see what software at that time could do. Looking back today, it was very basic of course. I also made friends with some students, older than me of course, and they both inspired me but also helped me learn basic programming and web development.

Moving on

The next years I moved on fast, read many books, both in my language, Danish, but also in English, sometimes long books on thousands of pages in advanced English, because I got obsessed with the idea of being able to create anything on a computer and make it do anything I wanted to. At this time when I played games it took more of my attention thinking about how they must have constructed such a game than actually playing it and following the story. I also crashed a few games by playing too much with the configs, which at that time could change a lot behaviour in the game.

At the age of 14 I got an internship at the Agency for IT and Learning in Denmark, who makes most of the infrastructure for educational software in Denmark. I met many Computer Scientists who would explain me theoretical concpects of computer engineering and I wasn't even still started in gymnasium (similar to high school) at that time. They asked me to write a Java programme that could performance test some of their actual work for the education sector and got so impressed with my work there that it got into actual use.


Since my time in after gymnasium I have been working in the IT department of the University of Aarhus, but quitted as I wanted to start my own company and learn from there. I have successfully worked for Dallas University in Texas and singlehandedly solved tasks for Deloitte several times where I had to create interactive dashboards from scratch and by understanding complex data which had to be reformatted and used on highest level in the Danish Government.


I am now professional experienced in Laravel and Vue, but also have a great understanding of servers and architecture but also businesses as I am running my own ones. I am 33 and still moving forward in life to see where the next chapter will start. One thing I know for sure is where I, so far, have lacked to gather enough experience is in branding and selling, but luckily I'm still in early life and never stop learning.

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