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Fast webhook testing

Fast webhook testing

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·Nov 9, 2019·

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Ever wanted to test a webhook or some other kind of broadcast event from your app?

Yesterday I discovered webhook.site which generates a unique URL for you and let you call that so you can see the calls in their interface and even heads and such.

The service doesn't require any registration and the basic service is free to use and should serve most needs.

How to use it
  1. Go to webhook.site
  2. Copy the URL marked in grey
  3. Open the URL and watch in the main tab how the requests are displayed instantly - don't worry, the hook URL will always be a blank page.

It's not my product, but this tool is a great help to me, I hope it can help somebody else too :-)


From the authors blog he has posted an article about what webhooks are: What is a webhook?

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