Edge for MacOS is coming

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Last month Microsoft revealed that its future browser. Edge is coming for MacOS. While I'm no fan of the browser on Windows, this is great news for all web artisans who should test our creations in at least the major browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

To some extend you might say Opera and for some cases Internet Explorer, but you can read more in this article why Internet Explorer should be left for the past ( link ) and that it has been completely unsupported for 3 years now.

Why this move from Microsoft to release its browser for MacOS, and hopefully Linux/Ubuntu too, is an important one, despite it might not be effective, you can read more about in the before linked article.

Be aware that it's still a developer insider preview, bugs are probably likely to occur – hopefully just to the browser itself and not the rendering of pages.

Use this link to download the developer preview directly from Microsoft: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/?form=MO12FS&OCID=MO12FS

This post was also published on my blog https://emil.moe/2019/06/19/edge-for-macos-is-coming/

Caleb H.'s photo

I downloaded the beta a while back, and it looked and ran better than the old edge.

But we probably won't have to test our code for Edge anymore, because they've based it on Chrome now.

So basically we test for Chrome and Firefox now.

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Amrit Pandey's photo

Safari use WebKit and Chrome use a fork of WebKit, so on a lower scale there is not much difference.

Caleb H.'s photo

True, though I've had significant differences with the JS engine on Safari...maybe it's because I'm running High Sierra and not Mojave?

Oliver Earl's photo

Too bad it's Chromium-based, now I can't help but feel there are very minimal reasons for both developers and end users to really care.

In any case, it's neat to see it coming to macOS. It's been such a long time since a Microsoft browser was running on a Macintosh, back when Internet Explorer was its primary browser!

Vladimir Kostov's photo

Can someone dumb down this Microsoft move for me? What is happening?

I get that they want people to be using Edge, by expanding the group of people that can use it, yet still, I think that even then Edge is going to achieve slim to nothing.

Emil Moe's photo

I agree that it's not gonna be a game changer. Of course it's a big deal for Microsoft, they can use their browser to track browsing trends and be on the edge. But they already accumulated so many negative feelings for their browsers that it's probably gonna be difficult and as Caleb H. said, it's just Chrome in a different package now.